Berlin based DJ/Live act Boot Slap is the meeting of minds of two artists who were brought together by their mutual love of house and techno music.
Boot Slap Biog 2016:

Berlin based DJ/Live act Boot Slap is the meeting of minds of two artists who were brought together by their mutual love of house music. Whilst their musical collaboration was fused by this common thread, their backgrounds are quite different, which creates an exciting dynamic to their productions and live shows.

Christian has been a Berlin native since birth. Having grown up East of the Berlin Wall, he absorbed the unique spirit of freedom that came along with the fall of the wall in 1989. There were new spaces opening up in the city that were instantly being explored by an unleashed youth who were thirsty for freedom and excitement. Techno became the soundtrack to this new way of life. These experiences have defined Christian’s approach to his music and creativity.

Takis meanwhile came from the South West of Germany. Growing up near a US Army barracks his musical roots were characterized by American Hip Hop culture and everything related to it like break dancing and street art. In his teens he started producing beats, writing lyrics in English and performing as a rapper. It was during this time that he realized his love of performing and entertaining on stage. He also developed instrument skills on keyboards, guitars, drums and all kinds of percussion, this developed his passion for composing and songwriting.

Takis moved to Berlin in the early 2000’s, around the same time as he discovered his passion for house music. After years of being immersed in the burgeoning Berlin underground scene and making connections with the city’s artists he started doing guest vocal sessions with his friends. His debut in the electronic music scene was as a vocalist for Siopis on the track “Really Love Ya” on Get Physical, which is now considered a classic. Takis then followed this with more vocal appearances on Smash TV’s “I Need” and Siopis’“Go Past”, both again on Get Physical.

Meanwhile Christian had been busy DJing around Berlin, writing music, developing his production skills, and running his vinyl label Perplex Recordings. In 2012 Takis and Christian started working on music together, building their studio in the now famous Riverside Studios, and developing their mutual ideas to work together as a DJ/Live act…. and thus Boot Slap was formed!

With Christians production / engineering skills, Takis’ instrumentation and vocal talents, and many long nights in the studio it wasn’t long before their material took form and started gettingpicked up by the who’s who of underground labels. Boot Slap have now had releases or features on labels such as Exploited, Kling Klong, Rebellion, Dessous, Kindisch, and they have just signed more material to Connaisseur & Viva Music.

Like all artists being in the studio is only the starting point, Boot Slap quickly started getting booked, and developed their suspense-packed DJ/Live sets, which is an energetic blend of Christian DJing, with Takis playing percussion and singing. This has led to sets at world renowned clubs such as Watergate, Sisyphos, Bar 25, Tresor, Eden Beach Club. As more music is being produced in the studio their sets are getting more populated by their own productions, which of course with the skill sets they have between them can be played live to create a stunning show.

Boot Slap encapsulates the best of their East meets West experiences. From very different backgrounds they have a shared love and passion for their sonic vision, a sonic vision that merges elements of house and techno with influences from pop, nu-disco and soul. Performed in a captivating DJ/Live set, with music that’s loved and curated by world class labels these guys are starting to fly!